Adjusting your month as necessary


Does it drive you nuts when things change? If you are like most, including me, you are very reluctant to change, especially financial change. But one of the keys to getting ahead financially, instead of being average financially, is the ability to adapt to change.

This inability to change affected me a few years ago. I used to not like change in my budgets and expected each month to look like the last, almost like a cookie cutter. Predictably, I would get upset each month when my perfect budget from heaven did not turn out the way I had set it up. Gas prices would rise and I would be over budget on gasoline by the 20th, or I would have friends and family come into town over the summer and not have enough in my food budget to cover the increase in food costs.

It then hit me that each month is different. February is different from January, June different from May, and December different from November. Adjusting my budget before the month begins made it a lot easier to deal with change instead of trying to manage in the middle of it.

So don’t be afraid to adjust your budget as necessary. Sit down before the month begins and determine how much more or less you will drive compared to last month. Figure out if you are having anybody staying with you this month that will increase your grocery or entertainment budgets. Do you have any birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays that you will need to buy gifts for? Do not be surprised anymore! Look, it might be harder initially changing your budget each month, but it will save you frustration later when your plan fits within your budget for that month.

So how do you handle monthly financial changes? Do you try to go with the flow or sit down and make changes before the month begins?

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