Being able to enjoy your money

A few Sundays ago my wife and I had the privilege of dedicating our 5 month old son Joshua at our home church. It was a great day and an unbelievable feeling to have our son dedicated in front of God and our church family. In addition, we also had family from both sides in town to celebrate with us. Not only was it a great spiritual day it also was a great reminder as to why we handle our money the way we do.

One of the main reasons I want people to become debt free is to experience the freedom to do with money what you enjoy. Because of my family planning our expenses each month and being out of debt we were able to take all of our family out to lunch after the baby dedication and pay for everyone. The meal was nice and we had some great family time as a whole. When we got the check it was about three times our monthly eating out budget. But you know what? We did not sweat it and wonder how we were going to pay for it! Because we had planned ahead we were able to enjoy a nice lunch with our family without busting the bank or doing it out of guilt or pressure.

That Sunday was a day my wife and I will never forget. But from a financial standpoint it was another good reminder that when you have control of your money, you can then control how you spend YOUR money. Enjoying your money is important, because what good is it to save, save, save but never enjoy the fruits of your labor? Yes, saving money can go too far. But if you would like to learn how to enjoy your money better, start today by having a plan and getting out of debt which will enable you to build wealth and enjoy spending your money on what you want. If you need help I would be more than glad to walk you through the process and give you a new perspective on your money.

So what are some ways you have truly enjoyed spending your money in the past? I would love to hear your stories of enjoying money so please feel free to share them below in the comment box.

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