“You Just Graduated From College . . . Now What?” Coaching Package

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Today’s college graduate faces financial challenges that other generations of college graduates have simply not had to deal with.

  • The unemployment rate for recent college graduates is around 12%,
  • The average student loan debt is about $25,000
  • The average credit card debt is north of $4,000.

As you can see, the average recent college graduate faces some steep financial challenges.

Despite these statistics, I believe that college graduates can win and prosper with money. To help show recent college graduates how to overcome these challenges, I have created a series designed to outline what recent college graduates need to do to get themselves on solid financial footing.

To kickoff the series I hosted a free teleseminar sharing why this coaching package is needed, why getting your finances in order in your 20’s is a must, and answered any questions that you had.

You may access the recording of the teleseminar here.

The Coaching package includes the following items:

  1. A MP3 audio book recording covering in depth the practical steps needed to get your finances in order (Click to listen to a free 5 minute sample). This audio book is over one hour of facts, statistics, and stories to motivate you to do the right things that you need to do with your finances. We also discuss the five basic steps you need to do after you graduate to start taking control of your financial future.  In addition, the recording is available to download to listen  whenever you would like.
  2. A one hour one-on-one coaching session with me. We can do this either via Skype or in person if you live in the Columbus, Ohio area. Over the hour I will answer any questions you have in addition to mapping out a game plan to achieve both your short and long term goals that fits whatever financial situation you are in. Also after the coaching session you will be entitled to 30 days of email follow up if you have any questions.
  3. A copy of my eBook The Major Components of a Healthy Financial Plan This book is a quick short read that breaks down all the things needed to achieve your financial goals. From learning about budgeting and paying off debt, to the different insurances to get, to the importance of giving, to having a tax plan all the major components are discussed in depth.
  4. Free Spreadsheets.  These basic, easy to use spreadsheets are great for those looking to begin budgeting, paying off debt, and keeping track of your net worth.
  5. A page full of over 40 articles, video posts, and audio recordings that I have done dealing with young adults and finances. Topics covered include the financial issues 20 somethings are facing, singles and money, the good debt vs. bad debt myth, and personal examples of paying for a wedding and purchasing a home.

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The cost for this coaching package is $199 $159 (Through the end of May). If you implement what we teach in the audio book and follow the direction we lay out together in the coaching session you will pay yourself back the investment in a matter of months. However if you subscribe to our email list you will receive instructions on how to receive a special discount.

Don’t you wish someone would have told you all this stuff when you graduated from college? This coaching package makes a great gift for any young adult looking to on solid financial footing.

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2 Responses to “You Just Graduated From College . . . Now What?” Coaching Package

  1. donationcan says:

    I’m starting school in August. I’m debt free, have an e-fund and the GI Bill. I’m going to attend the seminar because the information may be useful for me to help others. Can’t wait!


    • Jon White says:

      That’s is great you are going to school without debt, I still think you will find this information helpful and you’ll be able to use it to help your future classmates!

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