Debt Free Living Podcast-003 Mike and Mandy Young


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Mike and Mandy Young from join us today to share how they paid off $25,000-$30,000 in 2 and a half years. To achieve their goal they made major sacrifices in their food, clothing, and utility budgets.

The Youngs were influenced by a book that was given to them from Mike’s High School basketball coach as a wedding gift titled The Millionaire Next Door. They used that as motivation and what really helped them through it all was an us vs. the world mentality where they were doing things with money that were counter culture to how most people view money.

Now that they are debt free they have been able to teach their three daughters about money and change their family tree. It has not been without its ups and downs however. They have had emergencies on vacations but it has been a relief to know that they had money in an emergency fund and would be all right.

Mike and Mandy have been doing a weekly podcast for over a year now called Beyond Your Wedding Day where they talk marriage, money, and whatever else is going on in their life.

To become a guest on the show please contact me and we can set up a time to record your debt free-living story. The only rule to be on the show is that you are debt free besides the mortgage.

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