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Jenny McCutcheon from joins us today to share how her family paid off $25,629 in just 8 short months! Jenny always thought that having debt was just a way of life. It wasn’t until she started to read some personal finance books that she realized that living debt free was possible.

To pay the debt off in such a short amount of time Jenny’s family cut their living expenses by a third! One of the things they did to create extra cash to put on their debt was to have a garage sale. The garage sale they had in July earned them over $1,000 and she wrote a blog post detailing her experience.

When Jenny originally started her blog she had never heard of minimalism. But while discovering minimalism she has realized that you can live with less. Her blog community helped encourage her throughout the debt free process.

To become a guest on the show please contact me and we can set up a time to record your debt free-living story. The only rule to be on the show is that you are debt free besides the mortgage.

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