Debt Free Living Podcast-007 Jerrid Sebesta


Jerrid Sebesta joins us on today’s show to share how his family paid off $20,000 in debt. Jerrid and his wife were about to purchase a home a few years back when they realized they needed to pay off their debt first and save for a down payment. They got serious and paid off all their debt in less than a year and saved enough to put down a 50% down payment on their home when they moved back to Minnesota. One of his keys to getting his wife on board was to keep her in the loop.

Jerrid does a weekly spot on where he talks about money and faith. He also completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coaching training in July 2011 and hopes to do more with that in the future. To Jerrid getting out of debt is not about the money but rather about how you want to live your life. “How you handle your money impacts of 100% of your life.”

His long term goal is to pay off his house by the time he is 40 and write a book about managing your money in your 40’s.

This is the last Debt Free Living show for 2011. The show will be back in 2012 starting on January 5th. If you would like to share your story of getting out of debt and tell what you are able to do now that you are not in debt please contact me and we can set up a time to record your story.

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