Debt Free Living Podcast-012 Darrin Greene


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Darrin Greene joins us on today’s show to discuss how he and his wife paid off over $30,000 in debt. Darrin always had a plan with his debt, but like life, it never turned out the way he thought it would. He initially believed that as long as you could make the payment then you were fine. But after getting serious, he realized that debt was keeping him from reaching his dreams.

One of the things his family had to let go before they could fully transform to a debt- free life style was their status. It was not overtly stated, but subconsciously it was there. But one of the big benefits to getting out of debt was allowing Darrin’s wife to stay at home with their children.

Darren started a few years ago to help people  live out their dreams and to have an unshakable foundation as they do it. In addition he started the Unshakeable Dreams Podcast to help spread his message.

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