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Angie Six from joins us on today’s show to share how her family paid off $100,000 in debt in 6 and half years! Their debt was made up of student loans from both her and her husband as well as two nice new cars. To get their debt payoff accelerated, they made some temporary sacrifices by selling not one, but BOTH of their new cars. While the sacrifices were not always easy, Angie says she and her husband still had a great time getting out of debt.

Some of the keys for them getting out of debt included being around like minded people to keep them motivated and remembering their goals. Other things that helped them stay focused were a budget, taking Financial Peace University, and being on the same path with each other. Now that they are debt free they have been able to travel more, have started to save for retirement, and are able to send their son to pre-school.

Angie started in 2006 shortly after they paid off their debt. The original goal of the blog was to keep in touch with friends and family when they moved from Tennessee to Indianapolis. To anybody wanting to start blogging, her advice is to just start blogging. It won’t be perfect at first, but just start to write. You can find her on both Facebook and Twitter.

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