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Jackie Beck from and joins us on today’s show to share how her family paid off $52,000 in consumer debt with an additional $75,000 paid off on the mortgage! She paid off her debt in various stages. She and her husband both brought credit card debt into their marriage, but they got serious and paid it off.

Jackie had started to get out of debt a few times, but was never able to fully pay all of it off. The difference this time, she says, was deciding to be serious about it and saying no to debt. The biggest sacrifice she had to make was going without air conditioning . . . in July . . . in Arizona! The getting out of debt process was hard in the beginning, but got easier as it went along. The biggest keys to getting out of debt for Jackie were having determination and an emergency fund. Getting out of debt felt awesome and hit Jackie right away. To her it is, “nice to know that the money is ours and not going to a creditor.”

Jackie started to blog about personal finance to improve her writing skills as well as her personal finance knowledge. One of the main things she has learned about personal finance from blogging is more about investing. The personal finance community has been a big help to her in encouraging her to get debt free. Jackie started to dispel the myth that you have to have debt to prosper and to spread the word that living without debt makes things easier. In addition, you can also download the Pay Off Debt app at her website. Jackie created the app to help people stay motivated and track their progress in paying off their debt.

“As long as you don’t give up, you can get out of debt.” ~ Jackie Beck

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5 Responses to Debt Free Living Podcast-021 Jackie Beck

  1. bluecollarworkman says:

    I think “never give up and you can get out of debt” pretty much sums up the mindset people should have!

    • Jon White says:

      I agree and I love that quote from Jackie. because most people feel like they can never get there so they do not even try. But once you get started and stay focused you will be able to get debt free.

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  3. Jackie says:

    Thanks for having me on Jon! It was great to be a part of your podcast, and I hope our story inspires folks to keep at it 🙂

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