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Stephon Fuller from join us on today’s show to share how he paid off $15K in consumer debt in 18 months. Stephon got into debt by just trying to live month to month. However, he was living like most people: without a plan. He got the motivation to pay off his debt when he first put all of his financial info into Quicken. He was quite surprised to see where all his money was going so he sought out help from books, the radio, and podcasts.

One of the main things Stephon learned about himself was that he could become debt free without getting a big acting job or winning the lottery. Before getting out of debt, he never thought he could ever become debt free. Stephon was able to stay motivated for 18 months by focusing on the end result.

Stephon currently is an actor living in L.A. He started getting into acting when he lived in Virginia in 1993. One of the things people might not know about acting, according to Stephon, is that acting is a real profession and not just putting on make-up and having muscles. Stephon shares all his auditions on his blog He started writing about them in 2001 and they go all the way back to 1993. You can also find more information on his past work at his site

“I’d say unless you’re going to go completely underground you’re going to have a relationship with money…you might as well make it a good one.” ~ Stephon Fuller

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