Debt Free Living Podcast-025 Ryan Brewer


Ryan Brewer from join us on today’s show to share how his family paid off between $60 – $65K  in debt in 4 years. You might remember Ryan from when he was part of the “Author Month” Podcast series. Today he shares his getting out of debt story.

The debt was on a little bit of everything. They had car loans, credit cards, student loans, and personal loans from finance companies. Ryan and his wife fell off the wagon, so to speak, a few times, but were able to get back on. What allowed them to get back on was seeing that they still had a pile of debt and that it wasn’t going away until they paid it off.

One of the major changes they had to make was in lifestyle which included eating out. Beforehand they would eat out five times a week but cut that out. Looking back at it, what Ryan found interesting was that they really didn’t miss it all that much.

Ryan has a unique story of how he received the last sum of money to become debt free. You’ll have to listen to the show to get all the details, but it involves Ryan entering a contest, Dave Ramsey, and a big pile of money.

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