Debt Free Living Podcast-026 Country Girl


Country Girl from joins us on today’s show to share how she paid off over $35,000 in student and car loans. She got motivated to pay off her student loans when she was sent an amortization schedule by the government for her federal student loans. It broke down the payments and showed how much was going to principal and how much was going to interest. That motivated her to pay off the loans a full 110 months ahead of schedule!

The key for her to stay motivated was to look at paying off her debt as a challenge instead of a chore. In the beginning it was difficult because it felt like she had so much debt, but as she went along it got easier and easier. Paying off her debt enabled her to have a big down payment on her home and travel more.

Country Girl has been blogging for 2.5 years now which was a big motivator to stay on course and pay off her debt. She likes to blog about living in the country and the challenges that arise from that. Her advice to someone who wanted to blog about personal finances is to go for it, just write about you and don’t worry about trying to build a blog with thousands of followers.

“If you don’t have a budget it’s hard to get out of debt.” ~ Country Girl

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