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Tale of Two book coverI’m glad you enjoyed my podcast with Greg.

As a special thank you to listeners of the Debt Shepherd podcast I’m offering you the following two bonuses for ordering your copy of “A Tale of Two Houses-Our journey of buying a home the right way after buying one the wrong way.”

  1. Audio recording of the 7 creative ways to come up with a down payment
    • 20 minutes in length
    • How to actually come up with a down payment
  2. PDF of links to other material I’ve written about or recorded on buying a house
    • 10 podcasts-Including 4 my wife and I did when we sold and bought our last home
    • 13 blog posts-On a variety of real estate topics
    • No need to search around the blog

Follow these two steps to redeem your bonuses

  1. Purchase either a digital or audio copy of A Tale of Two Houses, below is a listing of where you can purchase:
  2. Fill out the redemption form below and we’ll send you your bonuses ASAP

As an added bonus please check out the introduction and chapter 1 of “A Tale of Two Houses”

In addition if you’d like to know more about the book, why I wrote it, how it will help you in your next home purchase, and watch a replay of a webinar I did to kick off the pre-sale of the book please check out the A Tale of Two Houses sales page.

Thanks again for stopping by and being a listener to the Debt Shepherd podcast.