Friday Financial Tibit-You can lead a horse to water

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” ~ English Proverb

Credit: Mark Ewbie

So we talk to them about money or share materials that we’ve read or podcasts we’ve listened to on money. We also give them advice on the dangers of credit card usage, how to budget, and how much money they could have if they stopped eating lunch out everyday.

And then they do nothing

It frustrates us because it seems like they don’t care or are content with their situation. So we try even harder to convince them that our way is the best and we might even annoy them a little. But we keep wondering what we can do to help them to change, and the answer is there is NOTHING that YOU can do.

Like the English proverb above says, you can show people the way all day long but you can’t do it for them. It has to be their choice to make changes.

However instead of continually harping on the subject of money or reminding them constantly how they NEED to do this or that, tell them how the changes you have made have impacted your life, not just your money, but your family, physical health, career, spirituality, etc. There’s no guarantee that it will convince them to change. But it will help lead them to the water. Then it is up to them to decided whether or not they will drink it.

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