Friday Financial Tidbit-Budgeting when you get paid every other week

Often, I get questions from clients who are trying to do a budget when they get paid every other week.  It can be tricky because if you get paid every other week, there are two months out of the year when you get paid three times a month.  That can make it a little hard to budget, especially if you are trying to do it for the first time.  What I recommended is basing your budget on getting paid twice a month and treating those months you get paid three times as a bonus.


To help distribute your monthly budget appropriately, I have developed a distributed budget spreadsheet that helps breakdown the month into each paycheck.  This helps you plan each month accordingly by enabling you to set aside from each paycheck the amount you will need to pay your bills that are due in that two-week period.  On those months that you do get paid more than twice you can still use the budget by budgeting the extra paycheck to put into savings, paying off debt, or whatever you designate it for!

The good thing is that you can also use the spreadsheet for other situations such as getting paid weekly or getting paid twice a month.  Hopefully you will find it useful and please do not let getting paid every other week become an excuse to not budget.  As a reminder please check out our Free Financial Resources Page to use other spreadsheets to help budget, pay off debt, use in home buying decisions, and save money.

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3 Responses to Friday Financial Tidbit-Budgeting when you get paid every other week

  1. Hi Jon,

    This is exactly how we handle those “extra” paychecks that occur over the course of the year. In the past we used the additional funds to pay down debt. Now that the debt is paid off, we use a portion of the extra funds to build our emergency fund, and a portion to build our vacation savings. 🙂

    • Jon White says:

      Jenny thanks for the comment. Good to see that you are being wise and have a plan for that “extra” paycheck twice a year. I bet it feels a lot better now that the money is going to a future vacation and not on your debt! 🙂

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