Friday Financial Tidbit-Christmas gifts are about the children

Have you got your Christmas shopping done? If you are like most shoppers, the answer is probably no. Yes, you might have your main shopping done, but what do you get your brother’s wife who lives across the country and you see but once a year? Or your aunt and uncle who will be in town this season?

Maybe I have changed a lot on this subject because I had my first child this past July. Or maybe it is the fact that I turned 30 this year, but the real joy in giving during the Christmas season is giving to the children.

Remember when you were a young child and woke up on Christmas day? It was such a magical time and a time when things were a lot easier. It does not even have to be about your children. Have you ever gone shopping for someone you do not know for organizations such as Toys for Tots or the Angel Tree? Going shopping and picking out something for someone in real need is 10 times better than buying or receiving another DVD you might not watch.

Now do not get me wrong, giving gifts to adults is great too. But ask yourself this question this year: would you rather receive a gift in the mail from someone you hardly see or would you rather spend an hour or two talking with them and getting caught up on life? Sometimes in life the best gift you can give someone is time and let the children enjoy all the other “stuff.”

What about you? Do you agree or disagree that Christmas gifts are about the children? I would love to read your thoughts and comments below.

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