Friday Financial Tidbit-Congratulations, you just graduated from college! Now what?

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The next few weekends are the time of the year when colleges and universities are celebrating the accomplishments of the senior class as they graduate from school. It’s an exciting time for graduates as they are one step closer to moving full-time into adulthood. In addition, they get the chance to be out on their own, work a “real” job, as well as start to make some real money.

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It can also be a scary time for many graduates. According to recent stats, the average college student has around $27,000 in student loans upon graduation and most repayment plans start 6 months after graduation. In addition, college students face an uncertain job market where some graduates aren’t able to find jobs right away in their major or are underemployed. On top of that, the average college student has an additional $4,000 in outstanding credit card debt. All of this potential bad news might make you wonder why you even went to school in the first place. Or it might get you to ask the question, now what do I do?

Because of this uncertainty and the fact that I love to help young adults get off on the right foot after graduating college, I’ve created the “You just graduated from college . . . now what?” coaching package. It is designed to help recent college graduates learn how to handle their money well, how to get off to a good start with your career, and how to pay back Sallie Mae and get rid of her for the rest of your life. The package includes one-on-one coaching, an audio book outlining a step by step plan to get where you want to go in life, in addition to other resources that I have written and recorded that apply to young adults. This package normally goes for $199, but for a limited time I am offering readers of the blog a discounted rate of $159!

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I know when I graduated from college I had a great time celebrating my accomplishment with friends and family. But I also remember waking up the next day and having this scary feeling of having no idea what I was going to do next. So if you are in the same boat as I was, I feel your pain. But despite what your friends, professors, and the media are saying, you CAN succeed in today’s environment and you don’t have to be part of the “limbo generation.” This is definitely an exciting and hopeful time in your life and I want you to remember it as a time of accomplishment and not a time of stress.
For those of you who have gone through graduating from college, how was your experience? Did you hit the ground running or did you flounder for a bit?

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