Friday Financial Tidbit: Frugal or Cheap?

Yes, I was one of those guys who waited until the last minute to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift for my wife. But it turns out I wasn’t the only one as there were plenty of other men and women doing the same thing. I got to thinking, though, on purchasing Valentine’s candy as to whether or not it would be cheap or frugal to buy the candy on the 15th, when it’s 50% off. So I asked the question on Twitter and Facebook and got the following responses:

As for me, I’m not on one side or another, but if I had to lean one way it would probably be more on the cheap side. I couldn’t imagine telling my wife to wait a day for candy because it would be 50% off the next day. But part of me really appreciates waiting and getting a good deal.

There is a difference between being cheap and frugal, but which situation does this fall into?

That’s what I think, what about you? Is buying Valentine’s Day candy for 50% on February 15th cheap or frugal?

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2 Responses to Friday Financial Tidbit: Frugal or Cheap?

  1. Chris Peek says:

    Here’s another question I didn’t bring up before – What if you don’t consider Valentine’s Day to be much more than a greeting card holiday? My wife and I still celebrate, but we’ve gotten tired of the hype. For the last three years, we’ve either gone out to dinner on the 13th or 15th and had a much more enjoyable time because we weren’t waiting 2 hours to be seated. We do things throughout the year to show each other our love and don’t reserve it solely for Feb. 14th.

    On the other hand, for Christmas, I would not wait to buy candy half off for my wife on the 26th (although I do it for myself). For us, it really comes down to which holidays we value more.

    • Jon White says:

       I think you make a great point Chris. It really depends on what holidays and special occasions you value the most. 
      For us, Valentine’s Day isn’t the most important occasion for us, but we
      do celebrate. We instead focus on Christmas, birthdays, and
      anniversaries. For others, Valentine’s Day or another day might have
      importance. I just guess it depends on what days you value.

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