Friday Financial Tidbit-Getting an “F” in personal finance? You can change it around and still get an “A!”

Remember in school when you got a bad grade and asked the teacher for a re-do? Oftentimes the teacher would say no. When we fail at personal finance, we often think the same way, that we will always be a failure, and there is no way to change. But that is not true. You can still get an A in personal finance.

People change their financial situation every day. They share their stories on their blogs and I get to interview them on the Debt Free Living Podcast. Your financial situation is not permanent. You can change. Granted it’s not an overnight event, but rather a process. But it starts with you making the decision to change.

Are you getting an “F” in personal finance? If you are, it is OK because you CAN have a re-do and turn your failure into prosperity.

If you feel like you are not getting a passing grade in your personal finances, check out The Major Components of a Healthy Financial Plan eBook- now available. If you purchase the eBook in July you will receive a discount on any of my coaching packages.

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