Friday Financial Tidbit-Is paying off your mortgage a goal for you?

The idea of having a paid off home is something I dream about constantly. In fact it is one of our main financial goals. But while it is a goal that takes years of planning and sacrifice to accomplish, not everyone in the financial world shares that same goal.

I came across an article the other day laying out why you may never want to pay off your mortgage. Obviously I disagree with the bulk of the article. To me the logic in the article for not paying off your mortgage is very faulty. In addition, my experience in interviewing people on the Debt Free Living podcast has shown me that paying off your mortgage is very valuable. So far I’ve interviewed four couples who have paid off the mortgage and not one of them regrets it!

But what about yourself? Do you have a goal to pay off your mortgage early? Do you think that’s actually possible? If so, how soon do you hope to have it paid off? Or do you agree with the article and plan never to pay off your mortgage and instead invest more money? People’s opinions on this vary all over the map and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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