Friday Financial Tidbit-Putting Halloween into perspective

This upcoming week you be might be spending some time and/or money on Halloween. If so, you aren’t alone. According to the National Retail Federation 71.5% of us will participate in Halloween activities this year with the total amount being spent at over $8 billion or $70 a person. So much for a recession huh?

Not that Halloween is bad or that it is wrong to spend some money on a costume, but take a look at your spending this week and see if it aligns with your values. If Halloween is your holiday then enjoy this next week. But if it isn’t, don’t spend like it is as there a few holidays coming up in the next few months where you can really spend some money in a hurry. It would be a shame if you weren’t able to give the gifts you had hoped for because you over did it on the candy for Halloween.

So whether you are dressing up at the office, passing out candy, eating candy, or even collecting for a good cause remember to ask yourself how important Halloween really is to you.

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  1. $70 per person? Someone must be picking up my slack! 

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