Friday Financial Tidbit-Seasons in life

Today I don’t really have a personal finance topic to talk about because I’ve had my mind on other things for the past few weeks. You see last month my wife and I welcomed our second son into the world. It’s been a great experience so far bonding with him and welcoming him into our family. I’ve also had to start to think of how I am going to feed two hungry teenage boys in about 13 years.

Credit: Meri Har-Gil

But all kidding aside I haven’t really thought much about money the past month. That might shock you considering I’m the financial coach and I talk and write about money every week. But I’m also human. Yes, we’ve stuck to our budget and made sure all our utilities and mortgage get paid on time. But that’s about it, we haven’t really thought much about looking ahead to 2014 and beyond, planning our spending for Christmas, or setting up college funds for our children. But you know what? That’s OK, because my wife and I are right now in a season of adjusting to life with four in the house instead of three. Pretty soon we’ll be gearing up for the holidays but after that we’ll be back to focusing on our financial goals. But for now our focus is on family.

As the seasons change each year, so do the season in our lives. If you’re in a season of life where you haven’t been focusing a lot of attention on your finances, don’t sweat it. You need to enjoy life as it happens. You can never totally unplug but as long as your basics are covered feel free to enjoy the special things in life.

Has there been a season in your life when the finances didn’t seem as important?

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