Friday Financial Tidbit-Special items in your budget

In preparing our January monthly budget, my wife and I decided to change some things around due to changes in our health care cost and a raise in income. The changes were fairly small: changing a few things here and there, taking some money out of one area and putting it into  another. But the one cool thing we did get to add was a new line item on our budget going forward: Spontaneous Giving.

The purpose of this category is different from our regular giving that we were already doing. Our regular giving is defined to whom and how much each month. But our spontaneous giving is more along the lines of giving to someone in need right there on the spot. This way when we hear about a family, co-worker, or friend from church who is in need, we will be able to give. We’ve always had the ability to chip in $5 or $10 here or there but this allows us to do more than that on a monthly basis if the situation arrives. If nothing does come up during the month, we’ll be able to roll it over to next month and be even bigger spontaneous givers. My wife and I and really excited to be able to do this and it was probably long overdue.

But this got me thinking as to what other unique things people have in their budget. So my question to you today is: What special items do you have in your budget that most people wouldn’t have? It doesn’t have to necessarily be giving; it could be a unique savings category you have or something else along those lines.

If you feel comfortable please share below; we’d love to hear special things that you care about that you are able to do in your budget

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  1. Dan Black says:

    I believe God blesses us even more when we give above and beyond the 10 percent tithe. Good thoughts!

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