Friday Financial Tidbit-Staying sane in an insane world

Did you brave the crowds early this morning (or even last night?) If so, you joined about 25% of Americans who planned on going shopping on Black Friday. Today starts the “official” Christmas buying season where we have four weeks of scrambling around looking for the best deals, figuring out what we want on our list, and getting heavily marketed to.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas shopping this year and that you are able to give and receive gifts that you care about. Recent stats show that Christmas spending this year is back to pre-recession levels. However another sad stat shows that 45% of Americans would prefer to skip Christmas shopping altogether.

Why is that? Because shopping during the holidays has gotten totally out of control. We are told that we need to buy, buy, and buy some more, get the best deals, and receive gifts that will make our lives better and feel good. But if the gifts are the only thing you enjoy this season, you will be left leaving hollow and asking yourself if that is all there is.

So how do we stay sane amongst all the insanity? You first have to look at where your priorities are. Is your goal to get the best deal or receive a particular gift? Or is it spending time with those you love? To help keep sane, I personally try to remember that Christmas gifts are about the children and that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the season. So this Christmas season, don’t listen to others tell you that you need this or that to be happy this year. Rather, find out what is most important to you and while everyone else is scrambling around, you will be able to remain sane in an insane world.

How will you stay sane in an insane world this Christmas season? If you would like some more support this holiday season please join the Holiday Challenge.

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