Friday Financial Tidbit-The power of a list

In an effort to help out my wife while she is taking care of our newborn son, I’ve been running to the store a lot lately to get diapers, medicine, or anything else we don’t have readily available at the house. It seems like no matter how much you’ve prepared there is always something you forget or you run out of. I’ve also on occasion helped out with the weekly grocery shopping for our family.

What I’ve learned through all of these trips to the store is the power of shopping with a list. It might seem like a small thing, but the times I’ve gone into the store for just a few things and didn’t write them down what they were, I ended up buying more than I had planned. However when I went in with a written list, I ended up just getting those things on my list.

Now the extra purchases didn’t break the bank, but it was also stuff I really didn’t need or want. Or in the case of extra groceries, it was food my body really didn’t need to consume. But what I’ve found is that shopping with a list is like making your monthly financial budget, it sets up guidelines to make sure you end up with what you want to instead of ending up with something else.

If you go to the store and always ask yourself when you get home, “Why did I buy that?” Try making a list next time. Yes it might seem like a pain and pointless exercise, but it doesn’t take that long to do and can save your some extra cash in the meantime.

Do you shop with a list when you get to the store? Has it helped control your spending any?


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2 Responses to Friday Financial Tidbit-The power of a list

  1. Dan Black says:

    Great post! I’ve found the same to be true with myself. I buy less when I have a list. It allows me to stay within budget.

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