Friday Financial Tidbit-Washington can’t change our finances

Like many of you, I’m already sick of the election coverage. No matter where we are or what we are doing, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, watching TV, listening to the radio, or driving on our morning commute we can’t escape it. It seems like there is always an article, opinion piece, analysis or advertisement trying to persuade us to one side.

On the national level, one of the often talked about issue that gets my attention and makes me chuckle has to do with each candidates tax proposal, or how their tax plan will “fix” the economy. Everyone has an idea that will help balance the budget, help the middle class, protect small business from paying high taxes, etc.

In these proposals it’s almost like they are coming across as the “savior” and their plan will save all of the country from economic despair. That doesn’t include the fact that their proposals first need to get passed by Congress, which the American public doesn’t have a high level of confidence in currently.

Now this is not being written as anti-Democrat or anti-Republican, but, whoever is in charge, Washington can’t change our finances! If we plan on Washington fixing our mess, we will probably be waiting a lifetime.

Washington, might mean well, but they can’t control your spending, income, or how much you save. They can’t help you develop habits that will let you succeed with money and they can’t care as much about your personal economy as you can.

Spending a lot of emotional energy on worrying about what they will or will not do is pointless; we really can not control it.

You do need to focus on the one thing you can control . . . YOU!

Do get involved in the political process by voting, but remember the real obstacle to changing our finances is ourselves.  The person who will change our finances the most is in our own house, not the White House.

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