Friday Financial Tidbit-What appeals to you most when it comes to living debt free?

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The other day I was pondering what appeals most to me when it comes to living debt free. After thinking about it for a while and answering the question for myself I decided to ask you what appeals to you about living debt free. Below are a few responses I received from Twitter:

In addition I also received some comments on Facebook and LinkedIn

Dee-The freedom to give more where I feel led

Tyler-Simple… seeing my bank accounts actually grow for once!

Drexel-Hearing my two daughters speaking without them know I was listening. One was pretending to be a photographer and the other a super model. The model said she made more money and the photographer said “well I keep more money than you.” Apparently they do watch what their parents say and do. Wow.

Kathy-Beyond eliminating large amounts of stress and being able to move forward in life; most of all I look forward to being free to be generous.

That’s a pretty sweet sampling of responses if you ask me! It was pretty neat to see a lot of people being able to give more, as well as having freedom to do what you want to with your money and having more options available. These are all great things that debt prevents us from doing.

As for me, a lot of things appeal to me when it comes to living debt free. The most important, however, is that living debt free has removed money as an excuse or barrier to living the lifestyle that my wife and I want to live. We are now able to fulfill our financial goals and our financial future continues to be bright.

Knowing what appeals to you is important; it’s your “why” and if you don’t have anything that appeals to you, you are less likely to follow through. So what appeals to you most when it comes to living debt free?

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