Friday Financial Tidbit-When someone says you can’t do something, what are they really saying?

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Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do something? We all have probably heard that one time or another in our lives. Usually when we hear something like that we react in one of two ways. We either believe it, especially if it is from a close friend or family member, and never attempt to see if they are really right. Or we get angry and say, “I’ll show you,” and go out and prove that person wrong. But when it comes to our finances, when someone says you can’t do something, what are they really saying?

We hear them all the time. You will never live without a car payment. It’s impossible to save money. You can’t make it financially without a good credit score. You will always struggle with money.

But in reality, none of those sayings are true. You can buy a car with cash if you put your mind to it. People do save money all the time. You can succeed with money if you don’t focus on your credit score. Winning with money is possible; I interview people all the time who have done so.

Why then do people say that you can’t do those things? Because when people say that you can’t do them, what they really mean is that they haven’t done them.

Like I’ve written about before, when you succeed with your finances and someone you know is giving you a hard time, it’s really a reflection on how they haven’t won with money. I know it is hard when family and friends make fun of you when you are making decisions that are against the norm. But those decisions are allowing you to win with money. Remember, just because they have not succeeded with money doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed either. Your financial situation isn’t permanent; you can change! So next time someone tells you that you “can’t do that,” they are just saying that they haven’t found a way yet.

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