Friday Financial Tidbit-What running has taught me about personal finance

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Each and every spring I always find myself going through the same routine. Sometimes it’s earlier in the spring, other times it’s later in spring. But my routine is that I dress myself in a shirt, short, and running shoes, stretch, then drag myself outside and start to run around my block a couple of times. I know a lot of people think running is crazy. But I disagree; I love to run. I find that by running and getting in shape I am able to relieve stress better, have more energy, and be more productive in my day-to-day life. The problem is that it takes me a while to build up the momentum to get started.

What does this have to do with money you might ask? Well I know that once I drag myself out of the house and start to run and get into shape it will be easier to run, I’ll run further, and it will make me feel good. Once I get going I realize that it’s worth that initial effort, it just isn’t very fun for those first couple of weeks. It’s a painful, slow process.

This is exactly what happens when we start to get our finances in order. It’s painful at first; that first budget meeting with our spouse takes forever, everything doesn’t go as planned, and you have to spend money on something you didn’t anticipate. But you stick with it and the longer you continue to work on your money the easier it becomes. It gets more natural and you get more confidence knowing that you can do it. It’s a nice feeling to start to actually have money in your bank account by the end of the month and that the effort was worth it in the end.

If you are to the point in your finances where you know what you need to do but don’t know how or lack the desire to begin, I know what you feel like. I’m there every spring and I can share that it is worth it in the end. It’s just getting over the rough initial parts and getting that momentum going that is key.

If you are looking for some help to get you started “running” financially, contact me today. We can set up a time to discuss where you are currently and share where you want to go.

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2 Responses to Friday Financial Tidbit-What running has taught me about personal finance

  1. JW, I agree, budgeting definitely gets easier the more you do it. Some parts of it are almost on cruise control after a while. On the flip side, there are some areas that are a challenge even after budgeting for years.

    • Jon White says:

      Totally agree Michael. Once you get going budgeting becomes a lot easier but even then there are still some things you need to stay on top of.

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