How much is enough?

“How much is enough?”

That question comes up a lot in conversation when I’m discussing personal finances. It comes up a lot because we like formulas and exact numbers. Having that “magic number” tells us exactly how much we need to be considered wealthy, or not have to worry about our finances anymore, or the amount we need to have before we retire.

But what if I said there wasn’t a magic number and instead of having this exact number to shoot for, you instead focused on the principals that will enable you to get that number in the first place? Often we act like once we get to that certain number we can pack it in, not have to work on our finances anymore and we can just sit there being fat and lazy all day. But if you remove the magic number and instead focus on what you’ve always done, there is no telling what you could accomplish.

My challenge to you today is not to have a magic number but rather to view money like a candle instead of a cake. Plan on growing as much money as you can and not put a cap on how successful you can be.

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2 Responses to How much is enough?

  1. Good one Jon! I like it!

    • Jon White says:

       Glad you liked it Keith, when you are doing good things with your finances, asking yourself the question “How much is enough?” is not what you should be asking yourself.

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