JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #110-Taming the High Cost of College with Guest Brad Baldridge

  • Guest Brad Baldridge joins us to talk about taming the high cost of college
  • When parents need to prepare for college
  • Common mistakes parents make when planning for school
  • What’s more important the name of the school or going to school you can afford?
  • Quote of the lesson from Satchel Paige

The JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast_110

Today we are joined by guest Brad Baldridge of TamingTheHighCostOfCollege.com to talk about how to plan for college.

Brad Baldridge, CFP®, is a College Funding Consultant specializing in late stage college funding planning and the chief podcaster of Taming The High Cost Of College.  He provides customized planning using the latest financial aid, tax, cash flow and academic strategies.

Brad is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and about 10 years ago started to help people in late state college planning.

Brad and I discussed about what you need to do as a parent and as a student to get ready to pay for school. Both from an early planning point as well as a late staging perspective.

Brad also shares what are some of the common mistakes people make when planning for college and why it’s important to start early when preparing to save for college.

We also discuss topics such as how your college choice is an important step of the college selecting process, should your child work in college, and whether or not you should you should help your child pay for college in the first place.

For more information on Brad please check out the following

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“Don’t go to college, unless to get information” Satchel Paige

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