JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #122-How to use side hustles to get out of debt with guest Tracey Minutolo

  • Guest Tracey Minutolo joins us to talk about Side Hustling
  • What side hustling is and isn’t
  • How it has impacted Tracey’s finances
  • Why should someone side hustle
  • Quote of the lesson from Jon Acuff


Whenever I communicate with listeners of the show and ask what topics they would like me to cover on the show, one of the more popular requests is how to make more money through a side business or second job.

Starting something on the side is a great way to earn some money on the side. To improve you financial situation you can either do one of two things 1.) Cut back or 2.) Earn more income.

On lesson 4 of the show we discussed whether it was more important to spend less or make more when trying to get out of debt. The obvious answer of course is to do both!

Well to help out with learning how to side hustle I had the chance to interview Tracey Minutolo over at TraceyMinutolo.com. Tracey is a Side Hustle Coach & Financial Freedom Fighter.

Tracey shares what the term “Side Hustle” means to her. She also talks about how she got involved in side hustling and how she was able to start her virtual assistant side business.

We also talk a little bit about Tracey’s debt free journey. She started out with about $60,000 in debt a little over two years ago. But she’s paid off her car loan and is going at her student loans with aggression. Her goal is to have it paid off by the end of 2017.

But most importantly the thing the stuck out to me was Tracey’s story of how becoming disciplined changed her life completely. It was no coincidence that Tracey’s side hustle and debt free journey took off around the same time.

You see about two years ago Tracey started to listen to podcast’s which taught her new information and gave her hope to make changes in her life. She took that hope and became focused and the disciplined she gained in those life changes not only impacted her career and finances, but other areas of her life as well!

Tracey’s story is very inspiring even if you aren’t looking to start a side hustle or get out of debt. She just got tired of carrying her student loans and decided to do something about it! My hope is that her story will inspire you to make changes in your life and think of something you can do on the side to increase your income.

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Today’s quote of the lesson is brought to you by Audible.com

“Discipline begets discipline.” ~Jon Acuff

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