JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #127-Washington won’t change your finances

  • Anyone else sick of the election and ready for it to be over?
  • Why Washington won’t and can’t change your finances
  • The importance of focusing on your economy
  • What you can spend your time focusing on instead
  • Quote of the lesson from Rory Vaden







Unless you are living under a rock, you know that the 2016 Presidential Election will all come to ahead this Tuesday when we will elect the 45th President of the United States of America. With that being said I think I speak for most Americans when I say that I’m ready for the election to be over.

But with that being said, voting for our leaders and issues on a national, state, and local level is an important part of democracy.

Today’s lesson though is about why Washington, or even your state for that matter, won’t and can’t change your finances. It’s nothing against them, but politicians can only adopt policy changes that can encourage you to make wise financial decisions, but it CAN’T force you to be smart with money.

You are the only one who can force you to

  • Develop a budget
  • Identify areas that you are weak that will cause over spending
  • Pay down your debt
  • Save for your retirement
  • Teach your children about

So whatever the result of Tuesday’s election is remember that it’s up to you to make wise financial decisions and even if you’ve been the problem, the good news is that you can become part of the solution.

Resources mentioned in today’s show

Today’s quote of the lesson is brought to you by A Tale of Two Houses 

Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due every day” ~ Rory Vaden Take the Stairs

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