JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #132-Why my wife and I spent more than we made in 2016

  • How Lisa and I spent more than we made in 2016
  • Why I felt that we were throwing money away left in right this summer
  • Why Savings is our future goal
  • What are goals are for 2017
  • Quote of the lesson from John Maxwell

As a financial coach and mentor, one of the main things I teach and show clients is the importance of living on less then you make. Yes it is a simple concept in theory, but in practice very few of us actually do it.

But there it was on our net worth statement for the end of November.

A decrease of over $10,000 in cash from January 1 through the end of November!

Today we discuss how that happened, why it happened, and most importantly why Lisa and I are actually ok with us spending more than we made in 2016.

We also breakdown why we are making savings a bigger goal in 2017.

But the encouragement today is that if you are a saver, you have the money saved, and the time comes to spend the savings on whatever . . . . don’t hesitate in spending the money, DO IT! It’s why you ultimately saved in the first place.

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“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went” ~ John Maxwell

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