JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #134-How Debt Free People Think

  • In what ways debt free people think differently about money
  • The demographics of those who are debt free
  • Why giving plays a big role in those who are debt free
  • How you can help confirm my observations
  • Quote of the lesson from Wayne Dyer

When I first got into paying attention to my finances one of the first books I ready was the classic Millionaire Next Door by Dr. Tom Stanley. What I loved particularly about this book was the research Dr. Stanley did on real life millionaires. Not just athletes and entertainers. You really got insight into how millionaires think about earning, saving, and spending money.

Since then I’ve read other books by Tom Corley and Steve Siebold on how the wealthy think vs. the non-wealthy. Also there are books and research out there on how entrepreneurs think vs. traditional employees.

But today we are going to focus on how debt free people think. I focus on being debt free because that’s how Lisa and I live when it comes to our finances and after interviewing those who are debt free and coached with people on becoming debt free I’ve come to the realization that in general they seem to be doing better with money than most.

On today’s lesson I’m sharing some observations I have had about debt free people and how they view money. In addition I also share how I’m doing some research to help confirm these observations and how you can help.

The good news about looking at those who are debt free is that pretty much anyone can fall under that heading. You can be young or old, make a great income or make a little income, or be married or single. They can also have a lot of children but also have none. They can live in any part of the country, be of any race, ethnicity, or religion. But to me there are four main areas where debt free people think differently then those who are not.

  1. They have an idea of where there money is going
  2. They are prepared for emergencies
  3. They are continuous learners
  4. They are big givers

Debt Free people know where their money is going by having a budget they review and stick to each month. They also have financial goals and review them at least once a year to see how if they have accomplished those goals. They have a great sense of where their money is going each month which allows them to have a knowledge of how each financial decision they make impacts their finances.

They are also prepared for emergencies. Debt free people face fewer true financial emergencies because they are prepared for them to happen. If an unexpected expense does occur they simply have the money in their emergency fund to cover the cost. Know there is a chick or the egg debate on which comes first, having an emergency fund or becoming debt free, but those who are debt free very often have money in an emergency fund.

Continuous learning is also a big part of the thought process of those who are debt free. Whether it is books, podcasts, blogs or other medium, those who are debt free are always those who continue to learn in different areas of money. These areas might include thinks such as investing in stocks, investing in real estate, starting a small business, how to make more passive income, ways to cut your cable or grocery bill, better ways to budget, or how to cut expenses to pay off their mortgage sooner.

Finally giving plays a huge role in the lives of those who are debt free. They don’t become debt free just to be able to save and spend more on themselves. They do it so that they can then bless others in causes that they believe in.

There are a lot more ways that debt free people think differently about money but those are for another podcast. But those are my observations and would you be willing to help prove out these observations?

I’m currently conducting research for my next book project and want to know your thoughts on debt and money.

It’s a 9 question multiple choice survey and should take only a few minutes to complete. Please consider taking it no matter if you are debt free or not. Your opinions matter and will help validate the research either way.

The survey is 100% anonymous but depending on your answers you might be contacted for a followup survey as well which we’ll need your email for.

Please visit JWFinancialCoaching.com/Survey to participate and thank you in advance for your help. I’ll be using the research for at least a future upcoming webinar and hopefully can use the data for a new book release.

Other resources mentioned in the show:

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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

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