JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #149-Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money with guest Elle Martinez

  • Elle Martinez joins Jon to discuss her book “Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money”
  • Why she is passionate about helping couples with their money
  • The importance of knowing your “Why” when it comes to money
  • How to have the hard conversations with your spouse
  • Quote of the lesson from Dave Ramsey

I have the privilege of welcoming guest Elle Martinez to the show to discuss her new book titled Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money.

I wanted to have Elle on the show because her podcast is great and I couldn’t wait to pick her mine on a topic that most of will face at some point in our life, if we haven’t done so already, and that is money and marriage.

It was a blast interviewing Elle and I could have asked her questions all night, but some of the topics we discuss included

  • How Elle and her husband got on the same page financially
  • Why couples struggle with money so often
  • The importance of focusing on your “Why” and not the “What”
  • What Money Dates are and why they are important to take
  • How to have the hard conversations with your spouse on money
  • What motivated to write her book
  • What she learned about couples and money through years of podcasting and writing the book

Elle’s book, Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money, will be released on June 13th and can be found on Amazon.

In addition I recommend you subscribe to Elle’s podcast, Couples Money, if you haven’t done so already.

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Today’s quote of the lesson is brought to you by Audible.com

“Money is an opportunity to reach unity in marriage. When couples work together, they can do anything.” ~ Dave Ramsey

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