JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #43-How to get Big Mo on your side


Highlights of today’s show:

  • Talking about the one person other than yourself that can help your finances
  • How to build momentum with your finances
  • Just getting started with something new is 70% of the battle
  • You’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come if you track your progress
  • Connecting with others and talking about your journey will keep you focused

Obviously when it comes to your finances, the person who will help change your finances the most is yourself. But is there another person who will help you change your finances? There is and it’s not the financial guru on the TV or the radio and it’s not even me. The person who can help your finances is called Big Mo.

But seriously, Big Mo isn’t a real person. Big Mo is short for momentum and today we are going to discuss how to build momentum with your finances. When you get good momentum going you are going to be hard to beat. We see this all the time with sports teams where they get momentum going towards the end of the season and they ride it all the way to a championship. If you read self-help books you will realize that setting goals and building momentum is one of the main things they talk about. In my opinion, one of the best books for learning how to build momentum in your life is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

But when it comes to building momentum with your finances I recommend doing the following:

  • Just Start-I’m convinced that 70% of changing is just getting started. Making changes in your finances is like any other habit; it won’t just happen magically, you have to work at it. But once you get started it becomes easier and eventually it becomes second nature. A good example of this is every spring when I start to go running. It isn’t easy at first and I make every excuse in the book not to run. But once I get going, I get more comfortable doing it.
  • Track your progress-It always amazes me how much we want to continue with something when we can visually see the progress we’ve made. Think about those who lose weight. Looking at your before and after pictures is a great motivator to keep you going. For your finances one way I help track my progress is doing a monthly net worth statement.
  • Get connected-Whether you are single or married, quite often we get discouraged because we think we are the only ones attempting to change our lives. You aren’t, not by a long shot. By getting connected I mean telling your friends and family what you are doing, commenting in forums and blog posts related to the changes you are making, and joining other communities such as JW’s Financial Coaching on Facebook. By being connected you will receive pick-me-ups that will keep you going through the hard times whereas it’s pretty easy just to give up when it’s just you attempting to change.

Momentum can work two ways. When you have bad momentum, it seems like everything you do is wrong and  you feel trapped, like this is your destiny for the rest of your life. It’s hard to get unstuck and heading in the right direction. But when you have good momentum, it’s hard to go back to where you were because you have built up so much discipline and good habits. That doesn’t mean you won’t have any hiccups along the way but what it does mean is that you will be able to get past them.

How have you gotten Big Mo on your side and how do you keep him there?

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