JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #48-We’re in contract! with guest Lisa White


Highlights of today’s show:

  • My wife, Lisa White, joins us to give an update on our house selling adventure
  • Finally got an offer on our home!
  • How to win in negotiations
  • We’re in contract
  • What’s next for us in the upcoming months

My wife, Lisa, has joined the show a few times in the past few months to share how we went about selecting a realtor and how to keep your home ready in case you have a showing. But today Lisa joins me on the show to discuss what’s been going on the past few months in terms of selling our home.

We have had a lot of showings the past few months, but not any takers. We did get some valuable feedback, however. A lot of the people thought it was too small or liked another home better. That’s fine; you can’t really do anything about that, but it is always nice to get feedback to see if there is anything you can improve in showing the home. The important thing to remember when showing your home is that it only takes one person to like your house for it to sell.

This past week we did get that one person, they made an offer and we are officially in contract! But after receiving an offer we still had to negotiate. This is where having a good realtor and having gone through this process before paid off. Our realtor was able to pull up comps and determined that our condo was priced correctly. It also helped to be patient and have leverage in the negotiation process. In the initial offer we knew that the buyer was already set to close on their home in a few weeks and that they had to find a place. That helped get the final sale price closer to the original asking price.

Now we are on to buying a new house for our growing family. We have found a house we like and have put in an offer. It is a foreclosure and is in our price range. We should find out soon if we get the home or not, but in the meantime it is good to know that we are not panicking and buying a place just to have a place to live. Rather we are being patient and wise which in turn will make our home purchase a blessing down the road.

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