JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #54-“Life and Money” series: Finances from DINKs to having children


Highlights of today’s show:

  • Life and Money series
  • How do your finances change when you go from having no kids to having children?
  • Children do cost money but they don’t have to break the bank
  • Where children can help you save money
  • The life event that quietly puts you behind financially

Today we continue our “Life and Money” series by discussing how your finances change when you go from being a dual income no kids (DINKS) family to having children. No doubt your finances will change when you have children but don’t believe the myth out there that all of a sudden you will have to go to the poor house once you have children.

The topics we discuss include deciding either to have a parent stay at home or have both parents continue to work, how to save money on diapers, toys, and baby clothes, the places where children actually help you save money and finally what you can do to prepare yourself before the child comes. There are going to be plenty of changes and surprises in your life once the baby comes, so don’t let money be one of them. Having a game plan ahead of time as to what your budget will look like once the baby comes will go a long way towards making the transition from being DINKs to having children.

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We also talk about how this is the time of the year when college students are going back to school which also means they are probably going to be taking out student loans. Rather than do a whole lesson on the dangers of student loans, I recommend college students and their parents check out Zac Bissonette’s book Debt Free UI believe Debt Free U is the best book out there on sharing the dangers of student loans and showing you how you can go to school without borrowing money. A few years ago my pal Steve Stewart and I did a review of Zac’s book on the podcast.

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