JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #79-The Relationship between Wedding Expenses and Marriage Duration

  • Is their a link between amount spent on your wedding and the quality of the marriage?
  • What the research tells us
  • Why bigger isn’t always better
  • Why the rich aren’t afraid to ask for a deal
  • Quote of the week


On today’s lesson of the show we discuss an article I found titled “Expensive Rings Linked to Higher Divorce Rate”. The article points to a recent study which found that their is a correlation money spent on an engagement ring and a wedding and the chances of your marriage succeeding.

Now this isn’t a lesson about how much one should be or not be spending on an engagement ring or on their wedding. Rather it is a lesson discussing what we can take away from the research and how that applies not only to our marriage but to our finances as a whole.

We live in a culture today of consumerism and we are judged by our character or what we do for others. But rather how nice of a ring, wedding, car, vacation, house we have. How dangerous of a mindset is that for us? Bigger isn’t always better and the desire to impress those on an artificial level leads to stress not only with our finances and quality of life, but in our marriages as well.

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This lesson’s quote comes to us from anonymous:

“You can always tell a rich man because he’s not afraid to ask for something cheaper”.

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