JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #82-What’s holding you back from accomplishing your dreams and goals

  • Unscripted show today
  • Not about goal setting, rather;
  • What’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals?
  • We might not like the answer to that question
  • The Countdown to take control of 2015

The JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast_82This lesson is light on show notes. The reason is because this show is unscripted. Usually around New Year’s I discuss the importance of setting goals. While I still think goal setting is important, today we focus on what’s holding you back from accomplishing those dreams and goals.

Instead of simply setting our goals for the year and mapping out a plan, let’s take time to reflect on those goals and why we aren’t able to accomplish them. The answers might not be exactly what we want to hear, but the self reflective time might be critical to motivating us to make the changes necessary to reach our goals.

Below is a few resources I’ve done in the past on goal setting:

We also talk in today’s lesson about the Countdown to take Control of 2015.

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