JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #89-How improving our health improves our finances

  • How being healthy improves our bottom line
  • Eating healthy improves our waist line and our wallet
  • It sounds obvious but being healthy saves you money at the doctor
  • Want to make more money? Try resting more
  • Quote of the lesson

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One of the things that I have really been trying to be conscious of this year is my health. It’s been a process and I am by no means perfect, but I’ve come to grips with the fact that how I treat my body impacts how I feel at that moment. I used to eat whatever I felt like, sleep whenever, and exercise when I had the time, but now that doesn’t work well with me.

Becoming more health conscious has many benefits, including helping our finances. On today’s lesson I cover four benefits that living a healthy lifestyle has on our finances. They are below:

  • Save money on food. This applies to both the grocery store and eating out. We hear about how much more expensive it is to eat more healthily and there is some truth to that. But when you start to eat healthy you realize how much it costs to eat fast food, ice cream, and Oreos.
  • Save money on insurance. This sounds pretty obvious but when we are healthier we tend to get sick less. This then costs us less to insure and saves us tons in deductibles and co-payments. It also lessens our chances of certain long term diseases which then in turn costs us less in life insurance.
  • Eliminates idle spending. Eating well, sleeping more, and exercising takes a lot of time and effort, time and effort that perhaps we would have spent instead on idle spending at stores or online retailers. Idle spending is the worst because after one month we have hardly used the item we bought and can’t tell anyone why we bought it in the first place but if you have less idle time you have less time to spend.
  • Help our performance at work. How many of us are dragging at work? It might be because we don’t like where we work, which is another lesson in and of itself. But being healthier gives us more energy to perform at our job or in our business. Often the work environment isn’t always healthy as we might be sitting at our desk all day staring at a computer screen and eating sweets. That makes it hard to perform when you aren’t feeling your best. But what if you are performing at your best? Wouldn’t that tend to making more money in the long run?

This lesson isn’t a direct one on finances but an indirect lesson on how living healthy helps our finances. Again I still have a long way to go, but one of the big steps for me was realizing that what I was doing was impacting my life. Therefore I needed to do something about it.

Remember, money is an important part of life, but not the most important thing. It’s important to be well rounded in our faith, family, career, and health in addition to our money.

This lesson’s quote is brought to you by Audible.com.

“It is one thing to record what you spend, it is another to plan how you are going to spend things before it happens ”Russ Carroll

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