JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast Lesson #9-Plastic Donuts with guest Jeff Anderson


Highlights of today’s show:

  • Jeff Anderson joins us on today’s show to discuss his book Plastic Donuts
  • The book was inspired by Jeff’s daughter giving him an innocent gift
  • Plastic Donuts will give you a fresh perspective on giving
  • Money and giving will always be a tough topic to discuss in the church
  • Jeff discusses how we need to give according to one’s ability

 Jeff Anderson from AcceptableGift.org joins us on today’s show to talk about his book Plastic Donuts*. Jeff wrote the book after receiving a gift of a plastic donut from his 18 month old daughter. After seeing how much his daughter enjoyed giving the gift, it gave Jeff insight on how God looks at our gifts.

The goal of Plastic Donuts is to give you a fresh perspective on giving. Jeff has been involved in Christian Stewardship for a few years now because he realized that he could not love both God and money. That led him to start Acceptable Gift to present giving from God’s perspective.

Jeff never considered himself to be an author or a writer. The one major thing Jeff learned about writing was how to take your beliefs in your head and put them down on paper. His two words of wisdom for people contemplating writing a book is to 1.) Just begin the process 2.) Hire a writing coach

You can purchase Plastic Donuts on Jeff’s website. If you do purchase the book through his website, please let them know when ordering that you heard about the book from this podcast and you will receive a second copy for free.

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