JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast-The “Top 10 Money Sayings to Know” countdown #2


Today’s show continues the Top 10 Money Sayings You Need to Know series. During the past few Mondays we have been counting down a money saying that you need to know and explain why you need to put it into practice. Today’s #2 saying is “Contentment may be the most powerful financial principle.”


Learning to become content with your finances will take you places you could only imagine.  Being content does not mean you have to stop being ambitious. You can be both. Where we often go wrong, though, is when we try to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak, and we live a lifestyle that is greater then our income.

The Top 10 Money Sayings to Know Countdown

#10 “Where your heart is, that is where your money is.”

#9 “Stop being a slave to money”

#8 “Money can work for you instead of you working for money”

#7 “Impulse buying doesn’t work as well as planning”

#6 “Don’t take advice from he said, I heard, everybody says”

#5 “Money is amoral”

#4 “Handling money is not about the math”

#3 “Start asking ‘How much’ instead of ‘How much a month'”

#2 “Contentment may be the most powerful financial principle”

#1 “Stop caring what others think”

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