JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast-The “Top 10 Money Sayings to Know” countdown #7


Today’s show continues the Top 10 Money Sayings You Need to Know series.  Every Monday for the next 10 weeks we will count down a money saying that you need to know.  Today’s #7 saying is “Impulse buying doesn’t work as well as planning.”

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We all impulse in some areas of our lives, but what impulse buying ultimately does is sink us because we can not make up for all the lost money that we use to buy things on emotion.  But when you plan ahead, you can buy things with cash instead of credit which keeps you out of debt and ultimately you have more money to enjoy the things you want.

The best way to stop impulse buying is to start developing a financial plan today.  For help with that please check out our free financial resources page containing budgets and goals worksheets which will help you get started on developing your financial goals.

The Top 10 Money Sayings to Know Countdown

#10 “Where your heart is, that is where your money is.”

#9 “Stop being a slave to money”

#8 “Money can work for you instead of you working for money”

#7 “Impulse buying doesn’t work as well as planning”

#6 TBA 5/30

#5 TBA 6/6

#4 TBA 6/13

#3 TBA 6/20

#2 TBA 6/27

#1 TBA 7/4

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