Love and Money

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For those of us who are married or have a significant other, tomorrow we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. The day where we celebrate our love for each other. My hope is that you are able to celebrate with your loved one either with a box of chocolates, flowers, or a nice dinner out. But in addition to the traditional ways of showing your love, there are other subtle ways to show your love for your spouse.

Let each other know what is going on with your finances

A lot of times in marriages there is the detailed one who takes care of the bills and the handling of the money. There’s nothing wrong with this, but a lot of times, the other spouse is totally in the dark with what is going on with the finances. Usually they don’t mind because they don’t like doing the “money” stuff anyways. But both spouses needed to be involved and know how many bank accounts you have, or what bills get paid each month, or where any retirement savings are located. This helps take the load off the one spouse in case the other has to get money or pay a bill.

Let one another’s vote count

Now this might not be easy at first, but one of the best ways to show your love to someone is to allow their input to matter. This applies to finances as well. If you are agreeing on where you are spending, saving, and giving your money, you are essentially agreeing on your life. Likewise, actually giving your input is loving as well. So often I see one spouse who has all the financial responsibility on their shoulders and they are getting crushed by that weight. But when you are giving and taking input together you will experience great peace with your finances.

Combine “his” and “hers” to “OURS”

If you do the first two you are essentially leading into this concept. If both people know what is going on and have their opinions matter, the next step is to combine your finances. Combining your finances will bring you closer to each other in more ways than just your finances. You will be communicating and planning your life together which will produce amazing results.

Hope you have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day. If you are married and haven’t done the above, try it out and see how it goes. I think you’ll like the results that it will eventually bring.

For more information on handling your finances together, please check out the “Love and Money” podcast series.

What are some ways you express your love for your spouse in your finances? Has working together on your finances improved your marriage?

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