Vlog: Book review-The Power of Half

Today’s Vlog we review The Power of Half* by Kevin and Hannah Salwen. This is a book I enjoyed immensely.  It is more than just a book about giving; it’s about how a family can decide to not live normal and start doing something and not just talk about it. To see other books that I recommend, please visit our recommended reading page

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2 Responses to Vlog: Book review-The Power of Half

  1. Sounds like a great read, I’ll have to pick up a copy!

    Taking action is always the hardest, but most rewarding part.

    • Jon White says:

      Eric, I agree that taking action is the hardest part. Sometimes I think it easier just to cut the check, unfortunately real change does not come out of that because no interaction happens. That’s why I love the Salwen’s story. Not only do they downsize their house, they downsize in HALF and actually go to Africa and help people change their course in life! Amazing story.

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