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As a new year is fast approaching us, many of us are looking to make a positive changes in our lives. The problem is we don’t know where to start in making these changes or we try really hard to do something different but get frustrated or discouraged easily and give up by February.

If this has happened to you before, don’t worry you aren’t the only one. I’m in the same boat you have been in. But to help encourage you to achieve your goals this year I’m giving away a free copy of the New York Times and Amazon Best Seller “The School of Greatness” by Lewis Howes.

As someone who has read “The School of Greatness” (Currently reading it for the second time) and have worked through the exercises in the book, I can tell you the words are inspiring and the material works. It’s not a magic book though, you just can’t read it and everything change in your life. You have to be motivated and dedicated to achieve your dreams and goals. But hearing Lewis and other people’s stories of overcoming adversity to achieve great things in their field is rather motivating and inspiring.

There are two ways to get your name entered into the drawing

  1. Take a five question survey about your financial goals

As a better way to serve you, I’m conducting a five question survey regarding your financial goals and how we at can help you achieve those goals. The survey shouldn’t take more than five minutes. But the results are really important in helping identify what your financial goals and needs are and helps us to create material that will give you a new perspective on your money which will help improve your economy.

The survey is anonymous,  but to get entered into the drawing you will need to input your email at the end of the survey. You can view the survey at

  1. Subscribe to the JW’s Financial Coaching Newsletter

If you haven’t subscribed to the Newsletter yet, simply enter your name and email and you will be signed up. By doing so you’ll get an email in your inbox once a month or so encouraging you to focus on improving your economy.

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive a link to listen to JW’s Manifesto on Money audio book. This is a 20 minute audio book sharing my views on money and how it impacts every part of our lives.

To signup please visit or you can signup at the end of the survey

So there are the two ways to enter. The deadline to enter is Monday December 20th at 11:59 PM EST

If you are interested in purchasing “The School of Greatness” on your own please visit Below is an excerpt from the website

In my new book, The School of Greatness, I share the tips and habits I’ve gathered from interviewing “the greats.” The lessons and practical exercises in my book prove how anyone is capable of achieving greatness. I’ve come to learn that the masters of greatness are successful not because they have managed to avoid or neutralize a traumatic life experience, but because they applied specific habits and tools to embrace and overcome adversity in their lives. ~ Lewis Howes

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