Time to make this your year to shine

Are you experiencing a bit of the Holiday Hangover yet? If so, it’s pretty normal to feel that way. It seems like we gear up for months for the holidays and just like that they zoom right past us. Then everything after that just feels anticlimactic as we get back to our normal lives of just trying to get by and hoping to have a good year. But what if you instead had a different outlook for the upcoming year?

This past week I was able to take some time off away from work and instead spend it with my family. My wife and I took time to reflect on our 2012 goals and plan ahead for 2013. I also got the chance to plan ahead and develop some exciting new things for my business in 2013. To be honest, after these exercises I’m excited for what lies ahead for us in 2013. It looks like we are finally going to be putting our condo on the market and looking to purchase a home. I also have some big things planned for the podcast, as well as planning to release some more products including eBooks. Finally I’m planning on having more webinars in addition to doing presentations around my community. After going through these exercises I was so excited to get started achieving my goals that I wanted New Year’s to come and go so we could get started with 2013! But this is only possible because I have mapped out how I want to accomplish these goals ahead of time.

Now what about you? Are you excited to see what 2013 has in store for you? Do you have an idea of what you would like to accomplish in 2013? Are you looking to make changes in the way you handle your finances? If so it all starts with you figuring out where you want to improve and what you want to accomplish. Next it is prioritizing everything you want to accomplish from most important to least. Finally it is then detailing how you will accomplish your goals.

If you are a looking for help I’ve created a worksheet that my wife and I use to help capture our goals for the upcoming year. Feel free to use it as it helps prioritize your goals and gets you talking and thinking about how you want to accomplish them. If you are stuck and need help figuring out some financial goals to have, listen to the Year End Podcast my wife and I did to get ideas from the podcast listeners on what they are doing as well as to encourage and motivate yourself in the new year. We all have to start somewhere, so your goals might be as small as figuring out where your money is going each month or figuring out how to prioritize which bill to pay. But now is the time to get prepared for 2013 and make it your year to shine!

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