What could YOU do in 5 minutes?

Today’s post comes courtesy of Brad Kinder from BradKinderCoaching.com Brad has written guest posts before; today’s post deals with time management. It’s an important topic because being able to manage your time impacts all areas of your life, not just the financial aspects.

5 Minutes

What can you do in five minutes a day?  You would be amazed!

After reading about an excellent time-management exercise recently, I committed to setting aside a few key “5-munute tasks” every morning before I start the rest of my work.  This seemed an impossibility at first (what could I possibly get done in 5 minutes?), a waste of time (shouldn’t I be getting on with what’s before me?), and just a clever gimmick from people who come up with time-management exercises (sure, I’ll last three days and then go back to business as usual).

But for some reason, this 5-minute thing has stuck, and I’ll tell you why.

It’s easy.  You get a timer of some sort, (I use my watch or you can just look at the clock on your computer) and you fire away at your agreed tasks for five minutes.  When the bell goes off, you stop, and pick up the next one.

It’s a great way to start the day.  Instead of reading all your emails and feeling overwhelmed and discouraged and thrown into a multitude of problems before the day starts, you’ve already achieved four or five things in twenty minutes.

It’s motivating.  We are pushed to achieve more when we see results.  The larger tasks seem less daunting when we split them up into smaller pieces.  Hey, I know it’s trite, but that doesn’t make it untrue.

You’re a step ahead of the competition.  Whatever it is that you keep wanting to do, but putting off, you will begin to achieve in your 5 minutes a day.  No one else is doing it – they’re all reading emails and answering voicemails and feeling overwhelmed while you are achieving.

Thanks to my 5 minutes, I’ve written over 50 blog posts, reorganized my desk and all the loose papers lying about, completely done away with the stress of recording and tracking expenses, and made my working life just that much easier.  What could YOU do in 5 minutes?

Brad is a blogger and financial coach. His desire is to clearly and compassionately help people create and achieve their vision to thrive with their money.

He has experienced and overcome many of the challenges he now helps others navigate through on a daily basis. Brad is married with two children and resides in Franklin, Indiana.

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